Hub25 February Newsletter

February has been a quiet month for most retailers and we have taken the opportunity to have more professional photography, a good refresh of stock and create a new seated area at the front of the shop with refreshments for our clients and friends.

How Can Investing In Art Make You Money?

[Via Yahoo Finance] In the ever-elusive pursuit of financial prosperity, art investing emerges as a captivating avenue — one that sparks intrigue and ignites dreams of unparalleled wealth. Can art truly serve as the catalyst to catapult investors into realms of extraordinary riches? The answer, it seems, lies in the stories of remarkable art market […]


[Via Grove Gallery] Art is much more than the result of self-expression; art can light up a room, start conversations, tell a story, and, of course, make a great investment. If you’re interested in art and have the funds to do so, you may wish to begin collecting art as an investment. Buying art has […]

Why the future of art investment could be digital

[via The Independent] The art market has long been a thing of intrigue. Blind auctions, paintings going for tens of millions of pounds, theft and forgery, maverick trading – it is the stuff of Hollywood thrillers. It is also often dismissed as elitist, and inaccessible to those of modest means – a plaything of the […]

The Remarkable Resilience Of Contemporary Art As An Investment

[Via] We live in economically uncertain times, with many financial experts painting a bleak picture of what is to come. People are understandably looking for ways to secure financial stability via their investment portfolios. Contemporary art has proven particularly viable in this regard. The art market is independent of the stock market and often […]